Drama Dronfield perform “An Act of War” in the Civic Hall on Sunday 10th May 12pm – 2pm

It’s the Second World War and Maggie, the Baxters and the rest of the crew have been evacuated, but at least they have Archibald, a teddy bear, to keep them company… Or do they? Where’s he gone?!

As Grandma reminisces over her time as an evacuee, we wonder, ‘What really happened to Archibald, Granny?’ Let’s find out.

Accompanied by singing and dancing to popular wartime songs, the young people of Dronfield bring to the stage the struggles of those effected by War. Featuring evacuees, Land Girls, children of the Kindertransport and more, it’s time to Pack Up Your Troubles and Bless ‘Em All as Drama Dronfield presents An Act of War.